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Artist Statement


I am Yunbing Li, a filmmaker whose journey started from a small county in China to the bustling streets of Hollywood has been marked by resilience, determination, and a burning passion for storytelling.

My dream was born in the glow of a television screen as I watched the Hollywood movie unfold before my eyes in the quiet of my childhood home. While others around me aspired to follow conventional paths of academic excellence and corporate success, I harbored a different kind of ambition—one fueled by the magic of storytelling and the allure of the silver screen.

As the top student in my class, expectations loomed large. Many assumed I would tread the well-worn path. While I did achieve academic success, securing a coveted spot at the top university with the highest score, my dream remained steadfast and unwavering. Despite a secure job offer in Beijing right before I graduated from undergrad, I pursued my dream, applying to film school in the US solo. Armed with determination, I embarked on a path of uncertainty. With each step forward, I held onto the belief that one day, I would make my mark on the world as an Asian woman, using my voice and my art to challenge stereotypes and spark meaningful conversations.

My journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and the belief that dreams know no bounds. Through my work, I strive to inspire others to chase their passions relentlessly, regardless of the obstacles they may face. As I continue to make my mark in the entertainment industry, I am committed to amplifying diverse voices and reshaping the narrative of what it means to be a filmmaker in today's world.




Meet Yunbing Li of POKDO Studio in North Hollywood


Asian Film Festival


Meet the Award-winning Director Yunbing Li


Award Ceremony


Click here view the 2019 Asian Film Festival Award Ceremony. 

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