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Artist Statement


I am a director, editor, visual effects artist, and virtual reality filmmaker currently based in Los Angles, CA. A former assistant producer at Youku, I have an international background in narrative film, television news, online entertainment, and visual effects, with a special focus on postproduction. I got my master's degree in Filmmaking from Maryland Insitute College of Art and my bachelor's degree in television production from Huazhong University.

As a female filmmaker from a small town in Northwest China, I have a passion for science fiction deeply rooted in the concept of freedom. Uncontrollable, unlimited, and uninterrupted, my voice is to be heard, and my mind is to be expressed through this powerful form of art. Ever since my mom gave me my first paintbrush, I have never wanted to stop proving the power of art to those who are in disbelief.


Through the genre of soft Sci-Fi film, I have wanted to share with my audience experiences of everyday hardship. By setting up an unsolvable hypothesis, I amplify and explore problems that are easily missed, issues about which we are unaware of. Soft Sci-Fi is different from your every day “hard” sci-fi films; it doesn’t require spaceships to sit you through 90 minutes of high-tech special effects. My film touches on the root of social science, the beginning of life, the deep and the shallow of one’s mind. Ultimately, I wanted to amplify my inner voice through the decisions of my characters and bring people an immersive experience.





Meet Yunbing Li of POKDO Studio in North Hollywood


Asian Film Festival


Meet the Award-winning Director Yunbing Li


Award Ceremony


Click here view the 2019 Asian Film Festival Award Ceremony. 

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