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Produced by Yunbing Li

A film directed by Bryan Sih. AFTER|MAGES is a Chinese-American short film about a father and son in America who are visited one night by their Aunt May, believed to have died in China years ago. Written and directed by Bryan Sih, this film uses the legend of Hungry Ghosts to explore the recovery of identity and family history. This film enters the 2020 Asian Pacific Film Festival as an Armed With Camera Fellow.

Keep Me At Bay

Produced by Yunbing

A film directed by Jingyi Hu. Finding her father’s old coat in a storage box, Snow remembers the day her father came home from military service and the childhood trauma that led her to emotional distance from others. This film entered the 2019 International Women's Film Festival, 2020 Love Wins Film Festival, 2019 Dumbo Film Festival, 2020 Miami Independent Film Festival.


Directed & Written & Edited by Yunbing

A young woman wakes up in a hospital recovery room, unsure of where she is or how she got there. She periodically has blackouts or flashes—she can’t be sure what they are—where she is in another place. As she realizes that these flashes are in actuality seeing through the eyes of two other people in the same situation, a young mother and a medical student, she seeks to escape. But the experiment has just begun, and the newly merged brain of these three is coming to life. 

This film enters the 2020 Reality Bytes Independent Student Film Festival, 2020 New York World Film Festival, 2019 Asian Film Festival, 2019 Pennsylvania Indie Film Festival, 2019 Bloodstained Indie Film Festival, 2019 Los Angeles CineFest, 2019 Indie Short Fest, 2019 Miami Independent Film Festival. 

The Negative

Produced by Yunbing Li

A film directed by Haoran Luo. This film is about a female stalker, Mia, who recently had a crush on her new target, Nicole. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 3.08.19 PM.png

Edited and Animated by Yunbing

An animation co-directed by Chutian Tao and Xiaoyu Wang. A man finds a vending machine by mistake which can continuously give a great amount of money to him, but he doesn't know he has to pay for the price.

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