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OFFICIAL SELECTION - Pennsylvania Indie
AWARD WINNER - Best Sci-Fi Short - PA In
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Disoriented and with a gap in memory, a young woman awakes in a hospital confronted with flashes of seeing through the eyes of two others in the same situation.


A young woman wakes up in a hospital recovery room, unsure of where she is or how she got there. She periodically has blackouts or flashes—she can’t be sure what they are—where she is in another place. As she realizes that these flashes are in actuality seeing through the eyes of two other people in the same situation, a young mother and a medical student, she seeks to escape. But the experiment has just begun, and the newly merged brain of these three is coming to life.


Director Statement


As a female filmmaker from a small town in Northwest China, I have a passion for science fiction deeply rooted in the concept of freedom. Uncontrollable, unlimited, and uninterrupted, my voice is to be heard, and my mind is to be expressed through this powerful form of art. 

Growing out of an idea from my childhood, Evasion asks what it would mean if the physical sensations we have of touching, seeing, hearing, and smelling are false signals provided by the brain. How can we tell whether we exist in the real world? In the meantime, this film also tries to break the vulnerable stereotype of females in Sci-Fi and show a different female image who knows how to figure for her fate when confronting the toxic Patriarchy.

Audience Statement

Evasion is a short sci-fi film made for a broad audience. The filmmakers believe that the unique concept and art design of our film will attract sci-fi fans interested in dystopic stories, people with an eye on brain science, and those attracted to an escape or puzzle experience. We also believe we can tap into the deep human question about our self-existence, reaching out to those concerned about our relationship to the world in which we live. With attentiveness to the unease, even panic, that the protagonists experience when they encounter a strange environment, this film is also meant for all people who have ever lived in a foreign country. 


Evasion Trailer

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